Guruji’s Physiology

Acclaimed doctors and scientists across the globe associate the miraculous impact of Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings with his unique physiology. 

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The Extraordinary Physiology of Guruji

Not only does Guruji’s physiology reveal extraordinary impossibilities about the capabilities of the human body, but under Guruji’s remarkable physiological parameters, no known human exists.

Surface Electromyography (EMG) detects the electrical potential generated by muscle cells when these cells are electrically or neurologically activated. Essentially, this technology is used to assess the level of communication between the brain and body.


Scientists and medical researchers were astounded by the miraculous impact of Guruji Trivedi’s Blessing on humans, microbes, animals, plants and trees at the cellular level as well as on non-living materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals, etc., at the atomic level.

As per current science, everything in this Universe is energy. Hence, if Guruji is harnessing Divine Energy, then his miraculous abilities must be reflected in his body’s physiology and it must be unique, with distinct differences in comparison to everyone else on this planet. Based on this hypothesis, the medical doctors and scientists decided to investigate Guruji’s physiology.

Through many experiments conducted on Guruji’s physiology in Australia, Canada, India and the USA with the help of the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet, the results disclosed more than a uniquely unparalleled physiology not found in any living person on this planet.

The results further suggest that under

Guruji Trivedi’s physiological parameters,

no other human can survive for

even a short period of time.

Guruji’s arteries show zero percent plaquing at 41 years of age. On the contrary, even children as young as 10 to 14 years of age have arterial plaquing.

Full body, digital X-Rays show that he has growing cartilage at 55 years of age. On the contrary, for all humans on this planet, growing cartilage fuses before 21 years of age.

At 41 years of age, the elasticity of his body’s cells is more superior than that of any newborn baby on this planet.

His breathing is abdominal with little to no chest movement, which is biomechanically impossible. Children lose the ability to breathe abdominally after 4 years of age.

At 41 years of age, his cerebrospinal rhythm (CSR) was extremely slow – 90 to 92 seconds per cycle with an obvious and very palpable neutral point. On the contrary, the average CSR for healthy people is 5 to 10 seconds per cycle.

His lowest body temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest temperature in his body is only 95 degrees Fahrenheit, measured at 41 years of age. On the contrary, normal body temperature can range from 97 degrees to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Guruji’s brain was observed to be simultaneously in the highest state of alertness and the deepest state of calmness, which is impossible as per medical science. Or we can say the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of his brain (nervous system) function simultaneously, which is biomechanically impossible for humans because both systems produce an opposite impact in terms of blood flow, muscle function, hormones and the release of enzymes and peptides, etc.

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