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Guruji Trivedi’s contribution to Life Sciences will leave a legacy on this planet - proven through thousands of advanced scientific experiments.

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Thousands of Life Sciences Experiments
Prove Guruji’s Divine Blessings

Through thousands of advanced scientific experiments on his Divine Blessings, Guruji has been able to beneficially transform human wellness, bacteria, viruses, fungi, soil, seeds, plants and already flowering trees with dramatic impacts. These experiments promise chemical-free, higher quality foods as just one of many examples in which Divine Blessings can deliver a better future for humanity.



Undeniable Impact



Summary of Research

The outcome of Divine Blessings is astonishing and beyond the imagination and understanding of current science. Overall, the science experiments have show Divine Blessings have the ability to: 

1. Increase agriculture yields up to 500%.

2. Increase immunity in plants up to 600%.


3. Increase the shelf-life of cashew nuts up to 100%.

4. Change plant DNA up to 69%.

5. Make drug-resistant bacteria respond to antibiotics.

6. Changed biotype number of dozens of varieties of bacteria.

7. Alter the species of ATCC Bacteria, identified with the help of 16S rDNA.

8. Change microbial DNA polymorphism up to 79%.

9. Reduce the viral load up to 80% in preclinical research.

10. Enhance Chlorophyll b and Chlorophyll a levels by 93% and 30%, respectively.


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