Evolve Yourself for
a Better Future

While evolution is a natural process
of change in life, consciousness is what initiates this change, evolving us to a
better quality of life.

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Evolution is the Ongoing Change for Betterment;
a Process of Change Designed by Nature to
Improve Upon Itself

Life is planned, it is not by chance. Evolution is the ongoing change for betterment; a process of change designed by nature to improve upon itself. When we speak of evolution, we mean a gradual improvement in the quality, structure or complexity
of something throughout all stages of its development. While evolution is a natural process of change in life, consciousness is what initiates this change, evolving us to a better quality of life. An evolution in consciousness is an evolution towards higher purpose – one that aligns our entire existence with that purpose, creating fulfillment in all areas of our lives, whether it be physical, mental, emotional
or spiritual.

When we look at the most primitive aspects of the animal kingdom, we see similarities across all species: fear, sex, hunger, thirst, pain, pleasure and excitement. While humanity shares all of these similarities with animals – some more than others – there are some key differences that set us apart from animals. There is something that exists within the depths of our beings that is capable of sacrifice, morality, selflessness and integrity, characters that allow us to transcend our animal minds and instincts and see life through the intellect; with logic, discernment, knowledge and wisdom. This very aspect of humanity has single-handedly evolved us from cavemen to a technologically advanced, highly civilized and organized system. This aspect of humanity has freed the mind from solely focusing on the basic needs of survival to instead reflect and ponder the world and our universe, creating art, philosophy and science.


This ability to think, reflect and distinguish between good and
bad, useful and useless, and to reflect and make decisions
in life through the lens of morality, empathy and purpose is
called consciousness, and it is our essence as human beings.


However, this is not to say that every person takes advantage of this potent power of evolution. When a person lacks consciousness, they are not that different from an animal. Due to this lack of consciousness, the mind is programmed only for survival and nothing more. In actuality, most people do not evolve in consciousness within their lifetimes, lacking control on their minds and senses. There are very few people who have control over their thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Only this small number of people are capable of speeding up this evolution in consciousness, which in turn allows them to utilize consciousness to enjoy freedom, health, wealth, happiness and a better quality of life.

The evolution of consciousness is mandatory for an illuminated
mind, which is a mind that demonstrates knowledge, intellect,
logic, discernment, wisdom and control over one’s emotions 
and senses. A human with an illuminated mind is a rational being.
Without this illumination, we are no different from animals.

The world is in a desperate need of a revolution in consciousness. We need a pioneer who can not only show us how to speed up our evolution in consciousness, but actually take us there – someone who can do more than give us hope; someone who can truly transform our lives. Throughout the world, we are witnessing the symptoms that come from a sick society that lacks consciousness, fighting for the most basic needs for survival. Billions of people worldwide are suffering from problems in consciousness that perpetuates suffering and limits growth; stress, poor sleep, anxiety, depression, brain fog, mind chatter, boredom, poor immunity, inflammation, menstrual problems, sadness, hopelessness, and lack of inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and ambition, etc.
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Today's system of healthcare has limited capabilities in treating these problems, usually only targeting the symptoms and providing limited relief with many long-term side-effects. Alternative and complementary medicine and therapies offer very little, and take significant time. Modern science and technology are limited in their ability to even measure the most important needs of a person’s life, such as love, affection, emotions, sentiments, trust, caring and gratitude. Without the ability to even understand the nature of these human needs, this limited understanding has extended to our modern healthcare system. While very effective in treating body-related problems, our healthcare remains highly ineffective in dealing with emotional and mental health problems. That is why people continue to suffer from dissatisfaction, loneliness, boredom, fear of the future, and lack of purpose in life, which are all rising in prevalence at alarming rates.

Over the last few centuries, the western world has paid great attention to biological evolution, and has since discovered and brought forth a multitude of technologies and tools designed to provide a comfortable and supportive environment to optimize human potential. However, the western world has been able to do very little in the area of spiritual evolution.

A person is a composition of mind, body and spirit. Throughout the world, we have not been able to develop any tool, therapy or modality by which we can evolve the mind and spirit. In the absence of that, the integration of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind will never happen. Without this integration, the full power of the mind can never be accomplished and harnessed. Hence, billions of people continue to suffer from the repercussions of a destructive or partially functioning mind, and mental, emotional and psychosomatic disorders are flourishing.

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Everything needs the right environment 
to adapt, grow and thrive. For example, a temperature range of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal environment for the human body to function at its best, thus enhancing physical and mental performance. 

Unfortunately, science has not yet developed 
a tool or technology to provide the best environment for the mind to function at its optimal level. To enhance the performance of 
the mind, the environment of higher consciousness is required. 

As of now, humanity is far away from understanding the importance of consciousness in the functioning of the mind.

However, if we can somehow raise consciousness, then mental peace and higher levels of alertness and awareness are achievable, and humanity will no longer need to suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, brain fog, mind chattering, inability to focus, boredom, fear of the future, menstrual problems, inability to make right decisions, indecisiveness, and lack of confidence, inspiration, motivation and ambition, etc.

A higher level of consciousness is more than capable to manage and reduce stress, lowering the chances of people suffering at the hands of poor immunity and high-inflammation related diseases. Higher consciousness facilitates an environment that promotes calmness, financial abundance, better perception, better-quality relationships, happiness and a better quality
of life.

The only solution for a better quality of life, to realize our life’s
purpose, and to experience life through joy and bliss is in the
evolution of consciousness – the soul – through Divine Connection.

This is not only necessary, it is mandatory.

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