Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Guruji Trivedi?

Guruji Trivedi is an enlightened guru and world-renowned religious and spiritual leader. He possesses the miraculous ability to Bless and transform living organisms and non-living materials down to the cellular and atomic levels, respectively.

His ability has been measured, validated and documented with the help of the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet.

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What do you mean by “Divine Connection?”

Every person needs Life Force, Prana or Qi for their survival and optimal livelihood. This Life Force is recognized as Divine Grace by religion and spiritualism.

Divine Grace is the flow of connection between people and the God of their understanding. This is called Divine Connection.
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What is the Trivedi Effect®?

The Trivedi Effect® is a phenomenon that exists in the Universe in the form of energy in which any gifted person can harness and transmit it to any recipient, either in-person or remotely, transforming the recipient for its/their greatest benefit.

These recipients include people, animals, microbes, plants and trees, etc., as well as nonliving materials.
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How authentic is the Trivedi Effect®?

The impact of the Trivedi Effect® has been measured, validated, documented and published in over 600 research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals with over 6,000 science experiments conducted in numerous branches of life sciences and materials science.
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What do you mean by a Blessing?

Guruji prays to deepen your connection with the God of your understanding, irrespective of your religion or belief.

Who can benefit from a Blessing?

People who are struggling, suffering or seeking greater empowerment in their lives in the arenas of physical, mental and emotional wellness as well as sexual satisfaction, relationships, finances, spiritual growth and happiness. 

What benefits can be expected from the Blessings?

Improvements in health, prosperity, higher confidence, courage, inspiration, motivation, ambition, optimism and practicability as well as satisfaction, enjoyment and happiness in life, to name a few.
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How can Divine Connection fulfill my spiritual needs?

According to medical science, the spirit/soul (Factor X) is responsible for a person’s existence. According to religion and spiritualism, the spirit is the extension of God (the Creator), which is present in every living body. The most vital aspects of life are love, affection, feelings, sentiments, emotions, sacrifice, caring, empathy, sympathy and compassion, etc., which are controlled, guided, operated and regulated by the spirit/soul.

Hence, current science doesn’t have any machine or tool to measure any of these human characters. When the spirit leads a person’s life, it is in full governance over the functions of the brain and body. This person is considered a “spiritual” person. To fulfill a person’s spiritual needs, it is mandatory for the spirit to be in charge of that person’s life. This leadership is possible if people are deeply connected to the God of their understanding (Divine Connection). 

What is the significance of your logo?

Our logo consists of a triangle within a circle. The triangle is a representation of our vision and mission, which is multifold. By viewing the three sides of the triangle as three aspects of humanity, the circle represents the Divine Connection that unites and integrates these three aspects into one vital whole.  

These aspects can be understood as follows: 

The three sides of the triangle in the logo represent the mind, knowledge and ego. The circle in the logo represents consciousness (the soul), which governs and controls them all.    

The three sides of the triangle in the logo represent health, humanity and happiness. The circle in the logo represents consciousness (the soul), which governs and controls them all.    

The three sides of the triangle in the logo represent purpose, community and wellness. The circle in the logo represents consciousness, which is Divine Grace; the energy through which God created the universe (creation) and nature.  

The three sides of the triangle in the logo represent science, religion and consciousness. The circle in the logo represents nature and the universe (creation), all of which was created by the Divine Authority of God. 

Why is Guruji Trivedi’s physiology different?

Not only is Guruji Trivedi’s physiology unlike any other person’s physiology on this planet, but under Guruji’s unique physiological parameters, no other human can survive for even a small period of time.

Several scientists and medical doctors assume that for Guruji to harness Divine Grace/Energy from the Universe and to transmit it anywhere on this globe, a unique physiology is required. Normal human physiology is not capable of harnessing and transmitting this very potent and powerful Divine Energy. Hence, it was hypothesized and then scientifically proven that his physiological parameters are unique. 

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How are the Blessings different from healing?

Every kind of healing modality has a very limited and temporary ability to transform people and animals.

On the contrary, Divine Blessing has unlimited potential because it can permanently transform any living organism or non-living material, no matter where it is situated on this globe. Divine Blessing even has the power to create new atoms, molecules and DNA.

Are the benefits from the Blessings permanent? How?

In most cases, the benefits are permanent. For living organisms such as people, animals, microbes, plants and trees, the Blessing is able to alter the DNA (genetics), which is scientifically considered to be a permanent benefit.

For non-living materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, chemicals, and organic and inorganic compounds, Guruji Trivedi’s Blessing is able to alter the given material at the molecular and atomic level, which is also scientifically considered to be a permanent transformation/alteration.

What kind of immediate benefits should I expect from the Blessings?

After receiving a Blessing, most people report enjoying higher quality sleep, more energy, greater calmness, higher confidence, motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, ambition and improved perception.

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What is the difference between group Blessings and personal Blessings? Are they equally effective?

During group Blessings (which occur both remotely and in-person, such as during group calls, webinars and live group events) Guruji Trivedi is more focused on the group’s general, overall growth.

During personal Blessings, Guruji Trivedi discovers the strengths and weaknesses of the person, then guides and Blesses them to assist in resolving these personal problems and weaknesses, and to empower/enhance the person's strengths. Personal Blessings are more tailored to your personal issues, unique needs and anything else that is holding you back in your journey to limitless growth and potential.

What is the difference between in-person Blessings and remote Blessings?

Personal Blessings are offered remotely, without any interaction, where Guruji Trivedi focuses on your personal problems. The beneficial effects are much faster as compared to group Blessings.

With an in-person, personal Blessing, you get a chance to have a real-life connection with Guruji, which can have a huge impact on your career, family relationships and your personal connection with Guruji himself.

In terms of benefits, an in-person, personal Blessing with Guruji is the most powerful and beneficial.

If my religious or spiritual beliefs are different from Guruji Trivedi’s, how will his Blessing impact me?

Guruji Trivedi connects people to the God of their understanding, irrespective of their religious beliefs or spiritual traditions.

Guruji’s Blessings are very impactful on all people from all different backgrounds because all religions and spiritual paths are centered on the Creator (God).

Can Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings serve as a substitute for my doctor’s medical advice? After Guruji’s Blessing, do I need to keep taking my prescription medication?

Guruji Trivedi is a religious and spiritual leader. His role on this planet is to strengthen your Divine Connection so you can have more opportunities in your life.

Guruji and his Blessings are not a substitute for medical advice or prescription medication. Please continue to follow your doctor’s or medical expert’s advice and prescribed medicine.

How many Blessings should I receive to become healthy, prosperous and happy?

Prosperity and happiness are not an event, but the journey of life. Everything depends on your ambitions, inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation to enjoy the beauty of life.

In our daily lives, whether we are struggling or thriving, it is essential to breathe, eat and drink. Similarly, the expression of Divine Connection in our daily lives can be experienced in our lives in the forms of prosperity and happiness. Hence, for a satisfying and happy life, Blessings are just as important as the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. 

How do I sign up for a membership with Blessings?

Click here to go to our Blessing Memberships page to view all the options. There you can register and pay to receive Blessings for yourself or your loved ones. You can contact member services if you have any questions at  and +1 833-944-1200

Can I do anything to make the Blessings more effective, such as any type of prayer, ritual, meditation or yoga, etc.?

You can carry on with your routine, day-to-day life. There is nothing special or different that you need to do to make the Blessings more effective.

The beneficial effects of the Blessings are directly proportional to the levels of your purity and innocence (Divine Conductivity). We don’t recommend, nor do we condone, any type of prayer, ritual, practice, meditation or yoga, etc.

What should I do during the remote group Blessing? Should I sit, stand or close my eyes?

We recommend that you be in a quiet and isolated place, if possible. You can either sit or lay down with your eyes closed, and follow the instructions from Guruji Trivedi during the group Blessing.

What should I do during the Blessings that I receive?

You don’t need to do anything special or different to receive the Blessing.

I just had a Blessing and don’t feel different. Is it working?

The basic objective of the Blessing is to connect your spirit/soul to the God of your understanding so that your soul can be empowered.

Wellness, prosperity and happiness are the outcomes of the performance of the soul/spirit in your body. Hence, keep patience and pay attention to areas of your life like your sleep quality, calmness and energy levels, etc.

I have experienced a lot of emotional trauma in my life. What should I expect after receiving the Blessing?

You can expect a purging or release of emotions. A majority of people, especially women, start crying without reason, or feel emotional and seek self-isolation without any desire for social interaction.

When this purging is complete, it is common to feel light, relaxed and empowered with more courage, confidence, willpower, motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and ambition, etc.

Sometimes I have difficulty falling and staying asleep. Some nights I have poor or disturbed sleep, and every morning I wake up tired, irritated, lethargic and sluggish. How will the Blessing help me?

Most people report experiencing deeper, peaceful and more restful sleep. They wake up feeling refreshed and in a good mood, filled with enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation. All the Blessing recipients enjoy quality sleep on a daily basis, irrespective of the number of hours they sleep.

How will the Blessings help people suffering from problems with their emotional and mental wellness, relationship problems and poor finances?

Over hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have reported the miraculous impact of Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings in all areas of their lives such as physical, mental, emotional, sexual and menstrual wellness, as well as in their relationships, occupation/profession/finances, positive perception and spiritual growth.

Is Guruji Trivedi’s Blessing limited to people of any specific religion?

No. Everyone who believes in some kind of supernatural power, in the Creator (God) or in any system or energy that is operating, controlling and regulating the entire Universe is an ideal candidate, fully capable of enjoying all the beneficial effects of the Divine Blessing from Guruji Trivedi. Hence, since 1995, people from any religion, race, gender, age, creed or caste are benefiting from Guruji’s Blessings.

Can you teach other people to do this?

This is not a trick or technique that can be learned or taught through education, ritual, dogma or long-term practices. This is absolutely a gift from God (the Divine), and every person is entitled to this gift.

However, you must raise your consciousness to become a super-conductor for Divine Grace. Only then can you be gifted by the God of your understanding to transform everything on this planet.

Can Guruji Trivedi Bless my pet?


Can Guruji Trivedi Bless my land?


Can Guruji Trivedi Bless my business?


Can Guruji Trivedi Bless my relationships?


What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the expression of the spirit/soul. It is the conductivity of a person; their ability to harness Divine Grace and nature’s wealth. Divine Grace integrates with the existing wealth in our brains like our memories, emotions, beliefs, imagination, perception, thoughts, ideas, experiences, databank, environment and resources, and thus decides our wellness, wealth, success, frustration, happiness and state of mind.

In the material world, every material has varying levels of conductivity. This conductivity allows the material to harness, at varying degrees, different kinds of energy. For heat energy it is called thermal conductivity, for electrical energy it is called electric conductivity, for magnetic energy it is called magnetic conductivity, and for light it is called optical conductivity. Based on their levels of conductivity, materials are separated into the following categories: super conductors, good conductors, semi-conductors and bad conductors.

Similarly, in life sciences, every living organism has the gift or ability to harness a particular type of wealth, or “energy,” from nature. Due to this, all fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and herbal plants absorb different types of vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients from nature and at varying degrees. As a result, their importance to human life and their value in the market reflect their different levels and types of conductivity. The absorption ability of every living organism including humans, animals, microbes, plants and trees is called bioavailability. Based on an organism’s bioavailability, the organism absorbs different types and quantities of wealth from nature. Hence, the bioavailability of a living organism decides its market value and importance in life. Whatever be the role of conductivity in non-living materials, the concept of bioavailability is also applicable with its own relevant importance.

Humans also differ from each other in terms of their abilities to harness nature’s wealth, or Divine Grace. Hence, there are very few enlightened beings and a very small number of people who are highly gifted and capable of using these gifts for the benefit of humanity. A large number of people are barely surviving daily life, and a large portion of these people are dependent upon the government and society.

What is the importance of Higher Consciousness?

Higher consciousness means a person has a greater ability to harness more Divine Grace, in the form of Blessing, and thus improve their pleasure and efficiency so as to best utilize their gifts for society.

People with higher consciousness possess good characters like honesty, loyalty, sympathy, compassion, emotions, caring, sacrifice and love, etc. These people are mostly successful and are very satisfied in every area of their lives.

People with low consciousness possess bad characters such as dishonesty, betrayal, conspiracy, disloyalty, selfishness, hostility, manipulation, a lack of caring and hatred, etc. These people are highly frustrated in almost every area of their lives, including their occupations and relationships.

What is the role of Divine Connection and the Trivedi Effect® in raising consciousness?

Divine Connection means the depth of your relationship with the God of your understanding.
The Trivedi Effect® is a phenomenon that can strengthen your Divine Connection with the God of your understanding.

What can the integration of science, religion and consciousness contribute to optimize the health and wellbeing of people?

The world is spending trillions of dollars for the research and maintenance of emotional and mental health problems.

Unfortunately, this has provided very little relief for billions of sufferers. Divine Connection is one of the best alternative models available to not only relieve us from our mental and emotional pain and suffering, but to also bring forth an incredible wealth of peace, bliss, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration for a happy life.

How do I know this will work for me?

Although your problems may be unique to you, the solution, a deeper Divine Connection, is universal. More than 300,000 people worldwide have experienced the miraculous results of Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings. They come from all parts of the world and all walks of life.

More than 300,000 people worldwide have received these Divine Blessings and have reported benefits through improvement in the areas of overall wellness, sexual pleasure, emotional satisfaction, finances, better relationships, happiness and finally a much better quality of life. Each individual benefits differently and in accordance with their unique needs and circumstances.

All types of benefits and transformations in your life and destiny are based on your personal or individual connection with the God of your understanding. Guruji Trivedi’s role is to connect you with the God of your understanding. The rest of the outcome depends on that relationship; the mercy of God in your life. For reference, you can take a look at the testimonials and learn about the unprecedented clinical trial results from these Divine Blessings.

Which membership is right for me?

Every membership is for your growth and better quality of life. Based on your expectations and unique needs, you can choose the membership program that’s right for you.

For optimal results, our recommendation is to always to go for the highest level of membership.

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