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Exploring the Life Journey of Guruji Trivedi

Integrating Science, Religion & Spirituality

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Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s transformation from an ordinary individual to an enlightened being showcases the journey to a Divine life.

His path exemplifies a shift from personal ambitions to a deep dedication to the Divine, marked by bravery and innovation. His work, particularly the Trivedi Effect®, illustrates the intertwining of science and spirituality, showing the impact of Divine Grace on all matter.

Guruji Trivedi’s life’s work is leaving a lasting impact, challenging the notion that the Divine is merely a concept of faith, and establishing it as a tangible reality. His story encourages others to courageously pursue spiritual enlightenment for personal betterment and humanity’s upliftment.


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Extrasensory Phenomena
& Supernatural Experiences

Beginning at the age of six, Guruji started experiencing extrasensory phenomena and supernatural experiences, such as visions of entities he later understood and recognized as the Divine. These form his earliest and most vivid memories, though he thinks they began even earlier in his childhood. Initially, these visions frightened him, especially since he couldn't discuss them with his family or friends for fear of their negative reactions. However, as time passed, and as Guruji grew older, this fear transformed into a strong belief in a Divine presence that comforted him, allowing him to find peace without the need for external validation.

By the age of twelve, Guruji's sense of an ever-present aura of Divine Presence became more pronounced, leading him to wonder why and how he was chosen and fostering his personal conviction that his life’s purpose was to fulfill an extraordinary destiny ordained by God to serve humanity. His conviction became clearer through the messages he received in his dreams, which were reinforced by his recollections during the day. Standing out markedly from others in his family, community, and surroundings, he eagerly anticipated the time when he would gain full clarity and awakening to embody his life's vision and mission. He was intrigued by the enigma of life and looked forward to the unfolding of the next stage.

After finishing high school at 16, Guruji felt no inclination for further studies, particularly not in areas like science or engineering. His true interest and passion were in exploring the realm of God, religion, spirituality, and philosophy. Despite this, due to significant family pressure, he ended up enrolling in a mechanical engineering bachelor's program, which did not interest him at all. The subsequent five years were filled with boredom and frustration. Nevertheless, this period intensified his attraction towards religious and spiritual pursuits, leading him to frequent temples and shrines and immerse himself in religious wisdom. Rather than engaging in academics and coursework, Guruji chose to read religious and spiritual literature. Instead of participating in age-appropriate recreation activities or socializing with his peers, he found himself drawn towards elders, individuals over twice his age, seeking a wealth of experience, in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.

Guruji Trivedi is on a mission to integrate science, religion and consciousness to greatly improve life as we know it, for the benefit of all of humanity.


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In 1985, after earning his bachelor's degree, as per custom, Guruji sought jobs in different organizations, but none brought him any pleasure or sense of purpose. This phase was characterized by internal turmoil and a persistently melancholic mindset, as he felt disconnected from the ordinary world and longed for his Divine destiny.

He spent this period moving between a few jobs before eventually establishing a successful business venture in the insurance industry. Later, in line with societal expectations, his family began to push for his marriage.


Still waiting for his life's true mission to unfold, he eventually yielded to those pressures and married in 1991 to conform with societal norms. He experienced no particular problems in his marriage but also no real satisfaction or happiness, a reason he couldn't fathom at the time.

Later in life he understood that his soul had always known that his purpose was not just for a single family or local community, rather he was destined for a greater purpose, to serve God and humanity.

During this time of inner conflict and personal struggles, Guruji keenly awaited further Divine guidance to embark on his ordained purpose and role on this planet.


Starting in early 1993, Guruji began to lose interest in his business, and his active role in it started to diminish. Instead, he devoted most of his attention, time, energy, money, and resources to a serious and resolute exploration of religion and spirituality.

He began to seek out and meet multiple religious and spiritual leaders several times every week.

He also connected with other seekers, hoping to form a like-minded community and grow together. During this phase of intense spiritual journey on the path to becoming a renowned religious and spiritual leader, he also gained insight into the emptiness of religious rituals, dogmas, and superstitions.

He observed how people across various religions, sects and traditions were pursuing their faith without any meaningful or tangible outcomes even though dedicating their time, belief, emotions, and resources to no end. This realization deeply affected Guruji, causing great emotional distress regarding the plight of these seekers and the general state of religious and spiritual practice.

It was at this pivotal time, at the height of these revelations, that he experienced what seemed to be the awakening of his Divine gift. He received a profound message from the Divine that brought everything into perspective.


Feeling as if he was reborn, Guruji felt a profound oneness with God and began his journey devoted to his gift and fulfilling his Divinely ordained destiny.

A Divine gift, yet unbeknownst to him, that allowed him to harness the power of Divine Grace or Consciousness to transform not only humans but also other living organisms such as plants, animals, microbes, as well as non-living materials including metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals.

After his enlightenment, Guruji started receiving ongoing messages from God. He decided to shut down his business and completely devote himself to his Divine calling.

Shortly after his enlightenment, Guruji received Divine instructions to begin Blessing people suffering from various issues.

He started Blessing people in his community and region. Guruji's Blessings led to miraculous transformations in people’s lives, leading to widespread recognition and fame across his state.

Beneficiaries reported significant improvements in physical health, mental and emotional well-being, deeper relationships, sexual satisfaction, financial stability, personal and professional growth, enhanced perception, superior mindset, finding purpose in their lives, increased enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration, and ambition.

They experienced a stronger connection with the God of their understanding like never before, which had been elusive in conventional religious practices.

During a trance-like state in his sleep in the last quarter of 1995, Guruji received a Divine message that he was chosen to serve God and embark on his God-ordained destiny. The following morning, he awoke to realize a miraculous transformation in himself, the first of many, a newfound state of perfect mental stillness and calmness.


He realized that he now had complete control over his thoughts, with thoughts only arising when he wanted to contemplate a particular topic.

Otherwise, he was now in a state where his mind was free of involuntary thoughts, mind chatter or mental unrest. This absence of uncontrolled thoughts, mental noise, and restlessness signified an authentic liberation from the slavery of thoughts and constraints of the mind. Guruji had complete dominion over his mind, mastery over his mental state and the ability to be in a constant state of peace and stillness.

In the context of Hinduism, or Sanatan Dharma, this state of being is known as ‘Enlightenment,’ an extremely rare Divine gift that can't be learned or developed through training or practice or other conventional means but is the ultimate Divine endowment.


Starting in early 1996, as Guruji's reputation grew and his fame spread, people from cities far and wide across India eagerly invited Guruji to Bless them and their communities.

Embracing his role as a religious and spiritual leader prompted Guruji to wear the traditional robes of a spiritual master and started traveling extensively in India, offering Blessings to thousands of people, both in groups and individually.

Out of respect and gratitude, people started referring to him as “Guruji,” meaning beloved spiritual teacher.


In 1999, he settled in Mumbai, India, where his followers began organizing grand celebrations on his birthday and on ‘Guru Purnima’, an auspicious day in the Hindu tradition to honor one’s Guru.




From 2000 to 2008, Guruji's mission expanded globally as he traveled to dozens of countries across all six continents, meeting, and Blessing people.

His mission was to convey the message of the existence and power of God, strengthen people’s connection with the God of their understanding and give them experiences of real transformations from Divine Grace and higher consciousness.


Birthday Celebration • Mumbai, India



However, after Blessing hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life from 1995 to 2000, Guruji pondered that if Divine Grace can transform people miraculously, then it must also transform everything else on this planet.


Birthday Celebration • Mumbai, India

MONDAY, JULY 17, 2000

Gurupurnima Mumbai, India



During these travels, he gained profound insights of various cultures, developed a deep understanding of the needs, problems, and varying levels of the consciousness of people globally.


Birthday Celebration • Mumbai, India


If people can be transformed, then his Blessings may also transform and enhance the performance and usefulness of other living organisms like seeds, plants, trees, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and animals as well as non-living materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals.

Global news was rife with unsubstantiated claims from religious and spiritual leaders exposed leading to controversies, scams and even convictions. Dogma, superstition, and charlatans had left seekers disenchanted with traditional religion and spirituality and eroded public trust.

However, it was absolutely impossible for Guruji to accept that God, the Creator, and Divine Grace cannot transform the creation. Guruji realized that beyond Blessing people, as an enlightened and miraculous being, it was his mission and purpose to challenge the status quo and reestablish religion as fact-based, instead of just faith-based. He had to emerge as a beacon of hope offering a way forward to seekers yearning for a path to connect with God that aligns with intellectual curiosity, rational mindset and embraces scientific progress.

Hence, to establish the universal religious understanding that God exists everywhere, even in the smallest of particles, in the form of Divine Grace or consciousness, Guruji decided to conduct science research across multiple areas of life sciences and materials science using the most sophisticated technologies available. 


Get Together • Mumbai, India


Birthday Celebration • Mumbai, India


His focus was on practical and tangible outcomes backed by scientific evidence rather than relying on testimonies, theories, or philosophies. Additionally, Guruji was also cognizant of current science’s challenges to produce quality food as well as to improve quality of life as it relates to the health and well-being of people.



While traveling the world, Guruji had also realized that what is currently available to us through modern medicine, therapy and technology cannot stop the emergence of mental health problems since they are associated with the dissatisfaction of the spirit/soul, which governs a human's totality.

All of this strengthened Guruji's resolve to conduct all-encompassing scientific research to discover the vast extent of the impact of Divine Grace and its utilization for the benefit of humanity.

In the year 2000, he started his journey into scientific research, challenging scientists to validate the transformative power of prayer and God's Grace to change lives and beyond. His vision was to establish a scientific foundation or basis for the profound impact of Divine Grace, thereby supporting both genuine religious leaders and seekers in this journey.

This journey was not always easy and had its fair share of hardship. In the very beginning, it was virtually impossible to convince a majority of scientists, across multiple disciplines, that God’s Grace has the ability to transform everything. Although science is meant to constantly reinvent itself when presented with new information and ideas, many scientists themselves have limited the capabilities of science through their own closed-mindedness.

Between 1995 and 2002, Guruji used to 
wear the traditional robes associated with a religious Guru in India. But his religious garb (uniform) became a hurdle in his science research journey.


Gurupurnima • Mumbai, India

Also in 2001, a group of high-profile people in Mumbai suggested he discard his robes. Realizing that Guruji had true Divine power, these people claimed that while the robes he wore added visual effect, his power could only be recognized and respected by the sincere truth-seekers of the world.

Guruji immediately discarded his spiritual garb, cut his long hair, and began to wear a western style suit. This new dressing style gave him better acceptance from the scientific community so he could undertake more research and establish the credibility of Divine Grace for the sake of humanity.

After Guruji changed his dress, those who only recognized him at the surface level disappeared from his life and those who were sincere and recognized him for who he really was and the type of power he possessed remained steadfast at his side.


By the end of 2008, Guruji had collaborated with world-renowned scientists and research institutes subjecting his Divine Blessing to rigorous scientific scrutiny in multiple countries including India, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK.

These collaborations led to more than 4,000 experiments in diverse domains such as agriculture, livestock, genetics, microbiology, biotechnology, and materials science. Signaling a shift in his life's journey, as if transitioning into a new phase, he soon received Divine guidance to move to the United States.


On March 9, 2009, Guruji landed in Chicago, IL, marking the beginning of his journey in the USA. Not long after his arrival, his American disciples founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to promote Guruji’s message and Blessings.

Traveling across the country, Guruji held events ranging from intimate gatherings to large assemblies, sharing the message of God’s Grace, integration of science, religion, and spirituality as well as Blessing hundreds of people everywhere. All of this without charging any fees or asking for any financial compensation, whether in group formats or in individual sessions.

Guruji’s message and miracles were not just a breath of fresh air, but a paradigm shift for the people disenchanted with obsolete dogma, superstition, and the many scams plaguing religion and spirituality.


The research been measured, documented and published 
in over 660 publications in major international peer-reviewed scientific journals with over 9,000 citations and is available in more than 2,000 universities all over the world.

Extensive Scientific Research on Divine Blessings

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Guruji’s reputation for providing miraculous Blessings soon spread internationally, drawing people not just from the USA and Canada, but from various corners of the globe. People would travel to Guruji to seek his guidance and Blessings for a deeper connection with God and an improved quality of life.

As the transformative effects of Guruji’s Blessings became evident, and were recurring, there was a growing call from his community for a way to receive the Blessings regularly without the need to travel. In response to this popular demand, Guruji introduced remote Blessings, enabling people to receive them in their own places, while maintaining their daily lives without the need to travel. This initiative was met with great enthusiasm, leading to a vast majority of Guruji’s followers across the US, Canada, and elsewhere, regularly receiving remote Blessings on a monthly basis.

2010 - 2012

In the years 2010 to 2012, Guruji's rising fame ushered in a whirlwind of opportunities, transforming him into a much-sought-after figure in the realms of personal growth and spirituality. His journey, already remarkable, reached new heights as he received a flurry of invitations to speak at live conferences, online seminars, and summits. Thought-leaders from various fields sought his collaboration, recognizing the profound impact of his Blessings. This era was marked by a crescendo of public admiration and recognition, as Guruji's insights resonated deeply with an ever-widening audience, seeking both spiritual enlightenment and personal growth.

However, as 2012 dawned, Guruji felt a compelling call to pivot his focus. Driven by a deep-rooted desire to intertwine the spiritual with the scientific, he made a conscious decision to channel the majority of his attention and resources towards further scientific research. This shift required him to gradually reduce and eventually halt his outreach efforts, a move that was both bold and necessary for the path he envisioned.

Guruji's interactions with distinguished scientists and prestigious research organizations across America had already led to groundbreaking research projects in agriculture, cancer research, anti-aging, and more.

Yet, his ambition soared beyond these initial forays. Guruji envisioned a future where the power of Divine Grace was not just a matter of faith but a demonstrable reality in the scientific community. He aspired to delve deeper into the mysteries of science, to reveal the extraordinary potential of Divine Grace in transforming multiple facets of scientific inquiry.

It was a vision audacious in its scope yet imbued with the humility of a truly Enlightened Being who sought not personal glory but the upliftment of humanity through the confluence of science, religion, and spirituality. This decision marked a pivotal turn in Guruji's epic journey.

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Guruji's Compromise from 'Divine' to
'Biofield' for Experimental Collaboration

In the unfolding narrative of Guruji's remarkable journey, a striking challenge presented itself – the resistance and reluctance, sometimes bordering on repulsion, from scientists and research institutes across America. Most scientists were so steeped in scientism, reducing complex phenomena to only their scientific or empirical components, ignoring other aspects like religious, artistic, emotional, moral, or cultural dimensions, ignoring the limitations and fallibility inherent in scientific inquiry. They found it challenging to entertain the idea of collaborating with a non-profit organization with a religious Guru, who spoke a language of God, Blessings, Divine Grace, and Consciousness. This clash of paradigms presented a barrier of closed-mindedness for Guruji to overcome.

Yet, amidst this skepticism, a breakthrough emerged. Some scientists, while conducting research evaluating the impact of Guruji's Blessing on cancer cells, referred to his influence as a 'biofield', choosing to describe Guruji's Divine intervention as 'biofield treatment' or 'biofield therapy' rather than using the religiously loaded term 'Blessing'.

This semantic shift opened a new window of opportunity. Taking a cue from this feedback and the understanding he developed through interactions with the scientific community, Guruji astutely adopted the term 'biofield' in his scientific endeavors. This was a strategic and adaptive move, playing along with the scientific community's language to subject his Blessings to more research, circumventing objections and prejudices rooted in terminological differences.

The term 'biofield' is not derived from religious or spiritual literature but is a scientific terminology used to collectively refer to various religious and spiritual modalities and practices. Simply put, 'biofield' refers to a field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body, influencing the health and well-being of the individual.

With this strategic rebranding to the term 'biofield,' Guruji experienced a notable shift in acceptance. Scientists began to show greater openness to exploring collaborative research, and scientific journals became more receptive to publishing articles detailing the findings of these studies for peer-reviewed publication.

Guruji's willingness to embrace this new terminology not only facilitated greater scientific inquiry into his work but also highlighted the power of adaptability and strategic communication in bridging worlds – a true testament to a disruptor challenging the status quo and beating the odds.

Guruji embarked on hundreds of scientific research projects encompassing life sciences, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, as well as preclinical research and clinical trials.

VM_1732 2 (1)-1
VM_1732 2 (1)-1

Guruji started his preclinical research in 2015 with two esteemed global contract research organizations (CROs), focusing on evaluating the impact of his Blessing in cell-based (in-vitro) studies as well as animal studies involving mice and rats (in-vivo). The outcomes across all these areas were nothing short of miraculous, leaving the scientists conducting the research in awe.

This groundbreaking preclinical research, yielding results that defied conventional scientific understanding, laid a robust foundation for the next monumental phase in Guruji's journey – the commencement of clinical trials.

The successful completion of these preliminary studies not only validated the profound impact of Guruji's Blessings in controlled scientific settings but also paved the way for exploring their potential in human health and wellness.

This transition marked a pivotal and dramatic shift, as Guruji's Divine Blessings transcended into the realm of empirical science, promising to unlock new frontiers in medical research and human well-being.

The culmination of this preclinical research was not just a testament to Guruji's extraordinary abilities but also a beacon of hope, heralding a new era where spirituality and science converge to benefit humanity on a scale never seen before in history.

2018 - 2019

The six-month clinical trial was conducted on over 100 volunteers between the ages of 20 and 45. Over 100 parameters were analyzed in blood samples as well as a comprehensive psychological questionnaire analysis was applied to evaluate the outcome.

In addition to mental well-being, the trial also evaluated the overall health of the volunteers by analyzing stress related problems such as poor immunity, hormones, cognition, inflammation, fast aging, nutrition absorption, cholesterol, insulin production, neurotransmitters as well as organ function of the liver, kidneys, skin, heart and more.

The unprecedented results of the clinical trial offer a remarkable path in the promotion of overall health and wellness, which includes huge relief in sleep problems, anxiety, depression, stress, mental restlessness, sadness, fatigue, menstrual wellness, emotional trauma, fast aging, and more.

Illustrating a modern scientific marvel, the outcome of the trial provides an extensive and miraculous scope for human transformation with the help of Guruji’s Blessing.

The findings of his clinical trial have resulted in three articles, each published in a highly reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journal, all of which have been indexed on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research library website.

From 2018-2019, Guruji ran his first clinical trial with a renowned multinational contract research organization (CRO) to evaluate the impact of his Blessings on people suffering from dozens of psychological and mental health problems.


In the year 2022, Guruji initiated three more clinical trials, this time to demonstrate the efficacy of remote Blessings. Each of these six-month clinical trials involved over a hundred volunteers, between the ages of 20 and 50, all suffering from dozens of psychological and mental health problems. The volunteers were in India, and the Blessing was administered remotely from the USA.

The outcomes were again miraculous and are slated for publication in credible peer-reviewed scientific journals shortly.

The overall findings from all the clinical trials suggest that Guruji’s Blessings, whether in-person or remote, are incredibly potent for mental, psychological, and emotional health problems.


Starting in 2023, there has been a notable increase in interest from various research institutes, eager to engage Guruji in collaborative research endeavors.

Just as the invention of the light-bulb illuminated the physical world, Guruji's breakthroughs shed light on the intertwining paths of science, religion, and spirituality. Just as quantum physics challenges our understanding of reality with concepts like entanglement and superposition, Guruji's work questions the conventional boundaries between science, religion and spirituality, introducing a quantum-like leap in the understanding of Divine Grace and Consciousness and its impact on the physical world.

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