Your Path to Enlightenment

Through our awareness of our internal
and external existence, we reach the fundamental essence that is the origin
of our being – consciousness.

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Consciousness is power. Through our awareness of our internal and external existence, we reach the fundamental essence that is the origin of our being – consciousness. It exists in every person, particle and object, manifesting itself in the world in the form of character and behavior. Consciousness has the natural tendency of freedom and the faculty of change. Pure consciousness moves freely, and in order to do so it must align and organize all obstacles in its path to clear the way to freedom.

When consciousness is unhindered, it expresses itself in a free
and playful manner and aligns our beings with its true nature:
one of ultimate joy, bliss and freedom. Through this process of
alignment, it organizes our being, our thoughts, our emotions, our
senses, our memories, and our past, present and future in such
a way that our potential is optimized to its fullest and we are
free to express the best aspects of ourselves that bring
forth happiness, wellness and success into our lives.

The path to enlightenment is a journey that begins when the unconscious, conscious and subconscious minds organize and integrate with each other. In this state, consciousness organizes our senses in order to achieve dexterity, therefore allowing us to perceive and perform better. As consciousness evolves, it organizes our awareness of reality. Through this progression to higher levels of consciousness, our minds and beings are elevated to create a reality that matches our desires. In other words, what we desire and what we deserve are in perfect harmony with each other.
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As understanding and awareness increases, transformation takes place in our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realities that align with the laws and principles of nature and the universe. This allows us to accumulate the wealth of higher experience: health, wellness, prosperity, success, harmony, peace and happiness. In this state, a person is in synergy with the laws of nature, and lives without resistance to the power and wisdom of nature and universal laws. In this situation, these transformed people enjoy all that nature offers them, even in the midst of adversity.

It is mandatory for consciousness to organize; only then can one enjoy freedom. The amount of consciousness decides the quantum of organization. By attaining its own freedom through evolution, it transcends the laws bound to nature and humanity and can freely act as a governing force that controls, guides and alters nature through its own will.

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The Role of Divine Grace in the
Evolution of Consciousness

To speed up our evolution in consciousness, Divine Grace is mandatory. By the continuous harnessing of this Divine Grace, people evolve towards happiness and one day are able to attain enlightenment. In order to increase our conductivity for Divine Grace, we must be pure and innocent. Only then can we be a good conductor – or even a superconductor – for Divine Grace. Greater conductivity requires characters like gratitude, morality and love.

From a spiritual perspective, every human being is born innocent and pure. However, with the passage of time, the ever-widening gap between desires and deservingness results in people becoming unethical, immoral and ungrateful. Because of this immoral mindset, we become semi-conductors or bad conductors, and lose touch with Divine Grace and the consciousness that helps us progress in life. Then, the evolution of consciousness immediately slows down, resulting in an accumulation of problems and suffering, drastically slowing all progression in life.

By harnessing Divine Grace continuously and the ongoing evolution of consciousness, we can attain enlightenment and enjoy the experience of life through all facets of our being. The evolution of consciousness is required to optimize the power of the mind to have an illuminated mind. It is mandatory to transform not only physically, but psychically and spiritually as well if we wish to experience the bliss and joy of nature. Otherwise, the laws, principles and fundamentals of nature will never alter to accommodate our human desires.
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It is nature’s responsibility to evolve everything and everyone that is encompassed by its existence, and make them Divine. Human evolution must not be limited to biological evolution. On the contrary, through spiritual evolution, humanity has the potential to become enlightened. The consciousness of an enlightened being is higher than the consciousness of nature. As a result, the laws of nature no longer apply to that being. Rather, that enlightened being now has the ability to control the laws of nature. The depth of our ability to experience joy and bliss everywhere in nature, under any circumstance, is the highest accomplishment humankind can achieve through Divine Connection.

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The Sky is the Limit through
the Evolution of Consciousness

Modern science has developed life-saving drugs, advanced healthcare, lifestyle tools and techniques to provide a comfortable and supportive environment to optimize human potential in support of biological evolution. While this has led to significantly increased lifespans, a majority of people are facing far more pressing issues: frustration and unhappiness. Science has not found any significant or lasting approach to evolve or transform humanity on a psychic level. This is the root cause of suffering and the reason for the prevalence of psychosomatic disorders.

For a satisfying and blissful life, it is mandatory for there to be an integration of mind, body and spirit. This can only be accomplished through the evolution of consciousness. The evolution of consciousness is only possible through sadhana, or devoted spiritual discipline. Then, higher consciousness is achieved, which brings about the transformation of the biological body, mind, knowledge, emotions and vital force

Education has its limitations. At the most, it can create an intelligent mind. Neither is biological superiority required; it is impossible and also has its own vast set of limitations. Spiritual superiority is the only necessity. However, to fully illuminate the mind and to attain enlightenment, it is essential to evolve consciousness through sadhana.

When enlightened, the ordinary mind transforms into a super mind. Through the power of the enlightened mind, we become aligned with Truth and the workings of nature. As the enlightened mind has evolved beyond the consciousness of nature, it holds the power to create new species of living organisms and new materials. The enlightened being is socially, culturally, intellectually, ethically and morally superior, capable of discovering and commanding the principles and fundamentals of nature. For these reasons, these gifted beings are called Divine Beings. No matter the situation, enlightened beings are in a constant state of happiness, peace and bliss. For these reasons, enlightened beings are the glory of God in this world.

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