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What is Enthusiasm?

To have enthusiasm means to feel an incredible eagerness, interest or enjoyment. Enthusiasm has great influence over the pleasure that is derived from the things we do, transitioning us from an attitude that is bored and passive to instead an attitude that is motivated and active. We feel an intense satisfaction from our accomplishments and in the pursuit of our dreams. When we are enthusiastic, we are eager and passionate about life, knowledge, and work. We have the willpower to accomplish our aspirations, finding purpose and fulfillment in everything we do.

Now, at some point in time or another, we have all known what it is like to feel enthusiastic. It is a high energy state of being, vested with a sense of playfulness, incentive and optimism.

This is the very nature of consciousness; the essence of our beings. The more we evolve and awaken, the more we align with the nature of consciousness, and are able to enjoy all of its inherent qualities and characters. High consciousness is a state of high oscillation. In this state of higher oscillation, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration are in synergy with our state of being, as these qualities of life are all considered higher energy states. As a result, these qualities and characters effortlessly flow through our beings, becoming who we are naturally. There is no trick, technique, practice or learned behavior required to force or manufacture these feelings or states of being. Rather, when our consciousness is high enough, we naturally exist in these high energy states. Here, certain qualities and possibilities open up to us in our lives; our perception changes, our moods alter, there is greater peace and joy, we have the will, energy and means to think of and accomplish great things that give life meaning.

Instead of feeling stuck or bored, everything is new and refreshed. Our fears are vanquished by our joys and optimism, allowing us to try new things and take bigger steps without being weighed down by the expectations of unsavory experiences. And, most importantly, when life does not follow our plans or expectations, we are not fraught or depleted with the outcome, but rather see a new light of possibility in the horizon, allowing us the capability to accept and transcend our current struggles so as to try again.

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