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Are you one of the many twenty-first century Americans with deep unanswered questions, foreboding about where the world is headed and uncertain about why you are here?

In this book Kathy Roberson combines biblical principles with insightful study to lead you in finding the answers to such questions as:

v     What is the purpose for my life?

v     Why do I react more often than interact?

v     How can I practically experience Godís power and wisdom in my life?

 By applying the truths outlined in this book, you will discover the solution to co-dependency and co-independency through in-depth character studies of Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Jacob & Esau, Peter, Paul and the Prodigal Son.  You will learn how to cut through your pre-occupation with your problems and come face to face with a God who cares!

v      When man lost his Divine Connection to the Source of Divine Life he shifted his dependency from God to man.

v      Man cannot obtain, attain, or contain the eternal life of God without God Himself.

v      Any psychological imbalance will motivate behavior designed to restore equilibrium.

v      Self-made people worship their maker--themselves!

v      The good news of the Gospel is that God has provided a prescription for our condition--Christ in us.

Kathy Roberson is a wife and mother of three grown sons and grandmother of three grandsons.  She is a trained biblical counselor who is in love with the word of God.  Along with her husband, Milt, she has traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia and Central and South America sharing the love of Christ.  In all of her travels one consistent truth has emerged:  the Maker of the universe desires all peoples of the earth to experience His Divine Connection!  It is the authorís hope that this book will lead you into new levels of freedom.

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