Integrative Effect of Science, Religion and Consciousness for Happiness in Life

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Integrative Effect of Science, Religion and Consciousness for Happiness in Life

We live in an era of constant effort with little outcome. Religious prayer, pujas, and spiritual practices like meditation and yoga are process - oriented and based solely on an individual’s beliefs and faith.

While these religious practices and spiritual techniques are marketed towards uplifting one’s destiny, fate, and fortune, they have very limited success. There is only a small number of people that truly enjoy the benefits of these prayers, pujas, and practices. Due to this limited success, the growing population, especially the younger generations throughout the world, have become disinterested and disassociated with religion and spiritualism. This disassociation with Divinity has led to the rise of mental and emotional health crises, globally affecting billions of people.

On the contrary, science has continued to progress and the development of new inventions and technologies have immediate results in our society. They have made life more comfortable, of better quality, and have increased our longevity. Understandably, people now depend more on science and less on religion and consciousness.

However, science is only a small branch of religion and has very little to offer in terms of inspiration, motivation, satisfaction, wellbeing, and overall happiness.

From the beginning of the 20th century, famous and gifted religious leaders and spiritual masters from all over the world have made claims about the miracles they can create, and have supported these claims with the testimonies of their disciples and followers. But none of them dared to investigate these Divine miracles in the realm of modern science so as to prove the impact of their abilities within a scientific laboratory under controlled, objective, and measurable conditions.

Guruji Trivedi, an enlightened guru from India, is the first of his kind to spend the last two decades challenging scientists from every discipline, all over the world, to come forward with the most difficult tasks beyond even the wildest imagination of advanced science, proving and demonstrating the power of his Divine Blessings with result-oriented, unprecedented scientific data.

Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings have been explored in many fields of science research including agriculture, microbiology, genetics, animal science, physics, chemistry, pharmaceutical science, nutritional science, materials science, and biotechnology, as well as the hardcore science of human health. Scientists throughout the world have investigated, recorded, and reported the outcome-oriented data, measured using the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet, revealing the unparalleled impacts of these Blessings.

To date, more than 6,000 research experiments have been conducted on Guruji Trivedi’s Divine Blessings, with more than 600 publications in peer-reviewed science journals. Although the outcomes have been demonstrated and validated, current science has no way of explaining how the Divine Blessing works to deliver these beneficial outcomes that extend far beyond scientific understanding. Science cannot explain how it works, only that it does work.

Moreover, thousands of science research experiments were conducted remotely. Whether it be humans, materials or other living organisms, Guruji Trivedi is capable of delivering the beneficial impact of his Divine Blessings from one remote location to another, including from Guruji Trivedi’s location in the USA to a material or object located on the opposite side of the world in a laboratory in India.

Guruji Trivedi’s mission is to restore people’s faith in the God of their understanding through the union of science, religion, and consciousness.

Without scientific proof, it will be very difficult for religious and spiritual leaders to convince people to worship God or to follow the Constitution of Divine, and thus become more useful for themselves, their families, their country, and finally for the overall benefit of humanity and life on this planet. Only Divine Power can change our destinies, providing us with a better, happier, and more prosperous future. Through hardcore science, Guruji Trivedi has demonstrated that his Divine Blessing is capable not only in optimizing the potential and improving the destinies of bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, materials, chemicals, agricultural seeds, plants, and trees, but also the lives of people through rigorous and extensive clinical trials.

The time is nigh. After a lifetime of waiting, now is the time to come forward and connect yourself to the God of your understanding. You too can enjoy Divine Grace in your life for your better health, wealth, and happiness. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and that is your Divine birthright. Join the hundreds of thousands of people that have come before you that have discovered their hidden gifts and optimized their potential through these Divine Blessings. Start your journey now for your prosperous future.


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