Harnessing the Power of Consciousness - From Mental Health Crises to Thriving Success

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Emotional Trauma

Harnessing the Power of Consciousness - From Mental Health Crises to Thriving Success

What if we told you that it is normal to live a life of success? That unhappiness, mental unrest and unproductive struggle is unnatural?

The state of our current world certainly suggests otherwise.

So, if success and happiness are normal, why aren’t we?

Why, given the same opportunities, do some succeed and others fail?

When did life become so hard, focused on survival instead of our inherent drive to thrive?

Our mental health crises is not a decrease in its stigma, but an increase in our number of problems.

Without proper answers from modern medicine, mental health created the wellness industry, and is the most exploitable aspect of our lives. Wellness is a multi-trillion - dollar industry – four times larger than the global pharmaceutical industry, but mental health problems are only rising. We have been exploited with pseudoscience, placebos and evidence limited to personal anecdotes.

Without any basis in real science, the wellness industry, spiritual teachers and religious leaders depend on the deceptive marketing of feelings, not facts.

The greatest source of our mental health crisis is stress; the ultimate killer of life quality, leading us to chronic illness, making our minds and bodies crumble before us.

Stress means we are living contrary to how we want to live – at the hands of opposing forces physically, emotionally and mentally. Stress enslaves us through our own thoughts, deciding our state of mind. Good and bad thoughts alike, when uncontrolled, keep our minds in chaos, creating a reality that prevents us from enjoying true freedom. These thoughts are the least understood aspect of science, leaving us without answers or solutions

Chronic stress is responsible for inflammation, poor immunity, and many mental and emotional health problems like poor quality sleep, anxiety, depression, inability to focus, low productivity, confusion, tiredness, fear of the future, constant worry, mental restlessness and hopelessness.

Under the guise of self-care and empowerment, the world is marketing to our desperation, and we are feeding off of breadcrumbs of hope for change. Desperation leads people to steal, lie, cheat and compromise; but also causes revolutions.

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” More than an inspirational quote, these words are backed by the science of evolution.

Evolution suggests that only through change and adaptation can we find the means to thrive in ever - changing or disadvantageous circumstances.

So why is change so hard?

Power binds us to experience. Religion calls it destiny or karma. Science calls it the fifth state of matter.

Information programs atoms, making matter and energy interact to form all life. It codes our DNA, influencing the chemistry in our brains and biology. It is the authority that rules our minds, controlling us through our own thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Information governs our lives, down to our relationships, careers, perceptions and predispositions. And science has found no way to change it.

This means we cannot manufacture peace, calmness and happiness. Rather, peace, calmness and happiness are the forebearers of success and prosperity.

Though our choices are endless, our options are limited. Only a new path can revolutionize our world; our science, technology, health and happiness.

More than a desperate dream – we need a scientific reality.

To gain control over our minds and lives, we must first take control over the power that programs it: consciousness.

When consciousness is low, we lack the will, energy and means for success. The more conscious we become, the greater our peace, success and happiness.

But it is a natural law that energy flows from a higher dimension to a lower dimension. Much like how a river flows downhill and never uphill, we cannot create a higher state of consciousness from a lower state of consciousness.

All religions tell of people with the ability to transcend the laws of nature, raising consciousness to improve the performance of everything. Not limited to humans, this power can transform all living things, like microbes, plants, trees, animals, and even non-living materials like metals, ceramics, polymers, chemicals and more; even as much as creating new species and materials. Through their prayer or thought intention, they can deliver the impact of Divine Blessing from anywhere on the globe to any other place instantly, defying the laws of time and space.

Only an Enlightened being is capable to lead us by the hand on our own journey of enlightenment to enjoy the freedom of calmness, well-being and happiness.

But how, in an era of inauthenticity, do we find someone authentic?

Belief is not required. Let us not cling to desperation, but rather to certainty. This is the purpose of science, to differentiate between truth and falsehood and to discover new phenomena, redefining what’s possible.

If an Enlightened being exists, science can show it.

But no one has come forward to prove their abilities in the arena of science... until now.

Guruji Trivedi, an Enlightened being, has completed thousands of scientific research experiments resulting in hundreds of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals showcased in thousands of prestigious universities in more than 100 countries, proving his Enlightenment.

Guruji Trivedi is here and now demonstrating the true possibility of human potential and beyond.

For more than 25 years, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of higher consciousness through Guruji Trivedi’s Divine Blessings and, as a result, are leading happier and more prosperous lives.

Harness the power to transform your life!

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