Divine Connection is the Solution for Emotional and Mental Wellness

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Emotional Trauma

Divine Connection is the Solution for Emotional and Mental Wellness

Emotional and mental health problems are prevalent in today’s world, affecting billions of people. There is not a single person who has not been encumbered by the powerful effects of anxiety, depression, stress, sadness, hopelessness, purposelessness, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, mind chattering, mental fog, boredom, and a lack of inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, and ambition.

Our world is at a turning point, with modern medicine at capacity and without a cure or solution for these vast and ever-growing number of emotional and mental health problems. Many have turned to alternative and complementary medicine, therapies, and counseling for even a semblance of relief, but these methods take considerable time and effort, while offering very little in terms of outcome.

A person is not just a system of physical components; our totalities incorporate aspects of us that science and medicine are still not able to measure, understand, and fully address – the emotional and mental components of a person. Due to these vague understandings about the mind and emotions, modern medicine and therapies are barely able to manage the symptoms because they don’t understand nor do they have the ability to treat the root cause of the discrepancies in emotional and mental wellness.

For the first time, the root cause of these increasingly common problems is being understood and targeted through the help of Guruji Trivedi’s Divine Blessings and The Trivedi Effect®.

Emotional trauma is the root cause for poor mental wellness. The expression of this emotional trauma is self-evident in various areas of emotional and mental problems. The overarching power of emotional trauma on a person’s overall wellbeing is crippling our society and the progress we have made thus far in science, technology, and modern medicine. It can no longer be overlooked; it is mandatory that we find the cause of this emotional trauma.

The root cause of emotional trauma is the manifest expression of something deeper, hidden in all of us – a traumatized spirit or soul.

Every human is composed of a mind, body, and spirit. The mind is the expression of the spirit, which is directly related to our perception.

So long as we are lacking in medicine, herbs, therapies or other methods to treat the spirit/soul, we are also lacking in a reliable, complete solution for all problems attributed to emotional trauma. There is no medicine that treats the spirit and soul. The only effective and scientifically proven path that targets emotional trauma and the entirety of our being is Divine Blessing, which is the only path that brings us Divine Connection. The spirit in every living being is an extension of God (the Creator), and Divine Connection is the only path that leads us to higher consciousness and is able to restore the vitality and natural blueprint of peace and happiness to the soul.

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