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Emotional Trauma

Overcoming Stress and Finding Happiness through Higher Consciousness

Bliss! Happiness! Joy! Everyone smiling and laughing on social media seems to have it. But happiness is elusive, something we chase that slips through our fingers like flowing water. It escapes us. Why? Even when our lives seem relatively good and nothing is wrong, we are still not happy. Maybe we are so used to living unhappily, struggling to bear the weight of ever-increasing stress piling up in our lives, suffocating us that we can’t even recognize our own desperation, much less change it.

Stress is the ultimate killer of life quality, the destroyer of our minds and bodies as it is responsible for inflammation, poor immunity, and dozens of mental and emotional health problems like poor quality of sleep, anxiety, depression, inability to focus, low productivity, confusion, tiredness, fear of the future, constant worry, mental restlessness, hopelessness and many more.

Billions of people are suffering from mental health issues making this epidemic problem the greatest threat to humanity today with a multi-trillion-dollar impact on the world’s economy.

People under stress suffer from a huge number of useless and unwanted thoughts. Thoughts are powerful and they create our reality, ruling over all areas of our lives. Any uncontrolled thoughts, whether good thoughts or bad thoughts, are both equally harmful. All of humanity is enslaved to ever-increasing unwanted thoughts constantly assaulting our brains and disturbing our minds.

Seek help we are told, but where?

Modern science has no answers for how and why thoughts are generated or how to control or limit them or manage the stress in our lives. Religious practices and self-help techniques leave us exhausted and frustrated and more stressed. More stress means more thoughts, more thoughts, more stress, then chronic stress.

Only when the mind is calm, the thoughts are less and the stress is managed can we have well-being and a better quality of life. But who or what controls the mind?

Ultimately, the mind and body are governed by consciousness. Lower consciousness causes impractical and delusional thinking leading to a chaotic state of mind and living in a fantasy world. On the contrary, higher consciousness works on the principles of morality and ethics, yielding logic and practicality, resulting in a peaceful state of mind.

The highest level of consciousness, enlightenment, is the key to freedom from the slavery of useless thoughts and the stress-related deterioration of our well-being. Religion and spirituality offer many types of guidance to reach enlightenment, including prayer, meditation, and other techniques that don’t deliver.

Even more, according to the laws of nature, people cannot create a higher state of consciousness from a lower state of consciousness, much like the way a river flows naturally downhill, never uphill on its own.

We need a solution, a catalyst to break the cycle, a way for people to enjoy a better quality of life, fulfillment, and bliss. There is a path! The path to enlightenment.

Only an Enlightened being whose state of consciousness is the highest can impact the consciousness of another and can lead us by the hand on our own journey of enlightenment, where we can have a calm mind, well-being and happiness.

But unfortunately, today thousands of con artists claim to be enlightened based on their manipulation and tricks. How can we know if someone is Enlighted? Seek the answers in science.

A truly Enlightened being can go beyond the laws of nature as our limited perception understands it. You can recognize an Enlightened one because they have the power to raise consciousness and improve the performance of everything, not just humans, but all living things like microbes, plants and trees, animals, and even non-living materials like metals, ceramics, polymers, chemicals, and more. They do so through Divine Blessing, their prayer, and thought intention. They can deliver the Blessing impact from anywhere on the globe to any other place in seconds, defying the laws of time and space.

Even religious scriptures say that enlightened beings can transcend the laws of nature and create new species and materials. These miracles must be measurable by modern science, but no one has come forward to prove their abilities in the arena of science, until now.

Now there is hope for humanity, we have Guruji Trivedi, an enlightened being who has completed thousands of scientific research projects resulting in hundreds of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals showcased in thousands of prestigious universities in more than 100 countries proving his Enlightened state of being,

Guruji Trivedi is here and now demonstrating the true possibility of human potential and beyond.

For more than 25 years, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of higher consciousness through Guruji Trivedi’s Divine Blessings and, as a result, are leading happier and more prosperous lives.

Now is your opportunity to transform your life!

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