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What is Meditation?

Divine Connection
When we think of the mind, we might associate it with conscious awareness and understanding....
Divine Grace

What is Consciousness?

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Consciousness is our essence as human beings. It is the power that controls and commands our...
Mental Health Awareness

Overcoming Stress and Finding Happiness through Higher Consciousness

Divine Connection
Bliss! Happiness! Joy! Everyone smiling and laughing on social media seems to have it. But...
Psychosomatic Disorders

List of Psychosomatic, Emotional, and Mental Health Disorders

Divine Connection
1. Disturbed Sleep 2. Fatigue / Tiredness 3. Loneliness / Alone 4. Emotional Trauma & PTSD 5....

What is Yoga?

Divine Connection
Yoga is theconnection between the Spirit and God.

What is Motivation?

Divine Connection
Motivation is an internal process. It is a need, desire or drive within us that leads to a state of...

Consciousness and its Usefulness

Divine Connection
Every living organism and non-living material in this Universe has a given set of characters,...
Emotional Health

What are Psychosomatic Health Issues?

Divine Connection
Psychosomatic means mind (psyche) and body (soma). A psychosomatic health problem is a disease...
Divine Grace

What is Bhakti?

Divine Connection
The path of Bhakti is a path of love and devotion, focusing on a personal relationship between the...
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